This week's website is PBS for Parents. This site features PBS Kids podcasts that the whole family can enjoy together in the car or even sitting on the couch. You'll also find helpful articles for parents no matter what age your children are. There's  free printables, games and craft ideas. Here is the direct web address if you want to save it! https://www.pbs.org/parents/


This week's website is Study Jams! This site, run by Scholastic, features fun ways to review Math and Science concepts with karaoke songs, animated videos, slide shows and interactive quizzes. If your child enjoys Math or Science they'll love this. If your child is struggling, this is a great way to get in some high engagement review. Enjoy!


Understood.org Growth Mindset Resources

Parenting is hard, especially now. Having a growth mindset and encouraging one in your kids can definitely help.  Kristin Wiens said, "What we say to and about a child changes how we thing about them and how they think about themselves. Choose your words carefully. Speak kindly." This week's website, Understood.org, has free resources that you can download and use at home with your children. Have fun on the growth mindset journey with your kids.



This week's website of the week is ABCya.com! This is a free website full of academic games for children of all ages.  You can even download free coloring pages if you want to get your little one off of his or her device for a bit. This one isn't just for the kids though, on the top menu bar you can click on 'Parents & Teachers' to read the blog and learn some helpful tips. Enjoy!



This week's website of the week is Typetastic! Let's face it, our children need to be proficient with a computer. 91% of today’s kids play video games, but typing words and sentences requires different skills than playing games. Typing skills can make a big difference in your child's ability to respond to assignments and online communications without frustration. Typetastic is free and game based. Even by playing a few fun online games per week on Typetastic the children will increase their skills. 

VSY SAC/PTA 2020-21 Meetings

SAC at 6pm/PTA at 7pm


*rescheduled* Dec 2nd
January 13th
February 10th
April 14th
May 12th