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Anyone can participate in VSY’s Adopt-A-Class program with our Blocks, Bricks and Mortor format. With several denominations to choose from and the option to donate via credit card through the VSY PTA website, donating couldn't be easier! The financial support of friends, families and businesses in our community help create a foundation for the success of our school. They are the Blocks, Bricks, and Mortar of our program!


Every year, teachers across the country use their own funds to support their classrooms. The Adopt-A-Class program enables funds to be directly available to the teachers for use in their classroom.  Funds are spent by teachers on important, basic classroom supplies such as ink cartridges, file folders, notebooks, craft supplies, etc. Reading books from Scholastic, as well as math, phonics, vocabulary and additional Montessori lessons and manipulatives, have been purchased. A few teachers purchased wall clocks, bulletin and magnet boards to enhance their rooms.


Provide additional support for our specials! An exciting part of the adopt-a-class program is the automatic support applied to our specials programs: Art, Music, Science, Media Center, Speech, Physical Education, Montessori Materials, Reading Specialist & ESE.  Many of these programs support every child in the school. Therefore, for every classroom adopted, a percentage will be contributed to each special listed above.  As the entire VSY community benefits, we are excited to ensure that they are adopted as well and the teachers/program facilitators will receive additional funds!


Support recognition on the schools Virginia's List.  Our wonderful donors are listed at the school and on Virginia’s List which is updated with information for any donor whose contribution totaled $250 or more. Virginia’s List is VSY’s own version of Angie’s List! When your air conditioning breaks or when you need a pediatric dentist, please look to our Virginia’s List to find a resource. These businesses have supported our school so we should support them! Individual/family donors will also be included at the end of Virginia’s List for donations totaling $250 or more.


Are you ready to adopt a class?  Click here to Adopt a VSY Teacher. 


Block ($250 donation), Brick ($150 donation) or Mortar ($50 donation)



If you want to pay with check or money order, please download form, attach your contribution and deliver to the drop box in the front office or mail to: VSY Adopt-A-Class • 101 NW 11th Ave. • Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301


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