Dear VSY Families,


On behalf of the VSY PTA Executive Board, welcome to the 2020-21 school year! 


I hope you have all had a wonderful first week of school. I am so grateful to be starting my sixth year as a VSY parent and am honored to be taking on the role of PTA President this school year. I am a mom to three children--a 7th grader (Patrick), 4th grader (Sean), and 1st grader (Kate)--and work as an educational writer. 


Though this year’s first day pictures and routines looked and felt very different than in past years, the welcome our students have received from our teachers, administration, and staff has been just as extraordinarily warm and encouraging. I am amazed to see how our teachers are already building relationships, nurturing students to grow both academically and socially, and ensuring students learn together even though we are physically apart. 


And the work of our teachers is being met with the remarkable effort of our families.  Parents and caregivers are rising to the challenge of getting students excited and ready for learning under incredibly challenging circumstances. We are proving that our connections and interdependence--our community--transcend our current physical distance. 


The VSY PTA is a dynamic organization that has proven year after year that it is capable of amazing things. Though the nature of our PTA’s efforts will certainly be very different this year, the role of the organization to support our staff and families and to forge connections is more fundamental than ever. I am excited to see the creative ways we find to further this mission under these new, albeit unique, circumstances.


Becoming a member of the PTA is a wonderful step in building relationships within the VSY community, as well as staying informed about school happenings. Please make sure to sign up and take advantage of the perks that come with joining! You can sign up online; membership fees are only $5 per joining member. We hope you are able to attend the first virtual PTA meeting of the year on September 9th at 4pm.   


As we all navigate this new dynamic, please remember to practice patience, understanding, compassion, and grace with our educators, our children, and ourselves. Recognize that this eLearning education model is evolving and maturing as we gain more experience, discover what works through trial and error, and expand our skills. Please take the time to cheer on the effort and celebrate the small victories we have each day. 


I do believe that through these challenges, we will find new ways to support one another, and will emerge as an even stronger school community. Together, VSY has a history of showing that it can do virtually anything; now we are proving we can do anything virtually!




Erin Gohl

Incoming VSY PTA President



VSY SAC/PTA 2020-21 Meetings

SAC at 6pm/PTA at 7pm


*rescheduled* Dec 2nd
January 13th
February 10th
April 14th
May 12th